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Throughout the year, SLANSW hosts a large variety of professional development and industry events. We encourage all members to take advantage of these opportunities. If you have an event you wish to see included please email your suggestions to the web co

A programming revolution! 27 February, 2014

Spend an evening with James Zaki, founder of and learn how to program using the Raspberry Pi. The kit is yours to take home and practise what you learn!

Following on from the success of the Maker Space evening in December, we now move on to programming using the Raspberry Pi kit once more.

NOTE: you don't have to have attended in December to learn at this event too!

When: Thursday, 27 Feb 2014

Where: Vibe Wire, Harris Street, Ultimo

Register here via Eventbrite website

 "Vibewire believes that young people should create the future, not just inherit it. Vibewire is a launchpad for young change makers."


Who: James Zaki will train the group on programming techniques using a Raspberry Pi. All delegates will have access to James' website of activities after this event.

About James

10 years after graduating, building on a range of engineering experience from industrial automation to smart-phone application development, James has started Cyclearn, a one-stop-shop enabling teachers to readily introduce technology into their classroom.

With the content made available from the Cyclearn moodle, seminars have been run at the MacICT to allow teachers to discover behind-the-scenes of computers in a self-guided format. A platter of content-cards are made available for participants to choose from, with some tasks in series, and others branching out. Even within each card there is a choice of tasks, and optional extensions, empowering the participant with choice.

After each seminar the content is refined and uploaded within a week so that others can immediately benefit from what works practically in the classroom."

Find out more at and check out this link to his Moodle Server

When: Fri, 24 January 2014 - Thu, 13 February 2014

Where: Vibe Wire, 525 Harris Street, NSW, 2007, Australia

Type: Workshop

Contact: Michelle Jensen

Phone: 0423 335 613

Email: Michelle Jensen


Facilities: Computers