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Throughout the year, SLANSW hosts a large variety of professional development and industry events. We encourage all members to take advantage of these opportunities. If you have an event you wish to see included please email your suggestions to the web co

Dan Haesler in Second Life

Dan Haesler is an international keynote speaker, educator, writer, and consultant. In recent years Dan has developed a reputation as one of the Asia Pacific's most dynamic educational thinkers.


This session will be an opportunity for us to discuss some big issues in education by exploring 3 driving questions:

1. Should schools set kids up to fail?

2. Why do we continually waste our time?

3. How can we go "beyond 100%?"

This event will be conducted in Second Life

Closer to the date registered participants will be notified to enrol with EduWebinar once this process is complete participants will receive a unique URL for the evening.

When: Thu, 7 May 2015 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Where: Second Life,, NSW, 0, Australia

Type: Workshop

Contact: Michelle Jensen

Phone: 0409 563 736

Facilities: Library