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Throughout the year, SLANSW hosts a large variety of professional development and industry events. We encourage all members to take advantage of these opportunities. If you have an event you wish to see included please email your suggestions to the web co

Stephen Krashen

The Power of Reading Tour featuring Prof Stephen Krashen Steven Krashen believes that the greatest threat to education in history is occurring now, the world-wide push for more and more testing, far beyond what is necessary and far beyond what is helpful.

Venue: King's School

Time: 8:30am - 3:30pm

Register (Early Bird Rate till 7th September):

The Power of Reading Tour: Prof Stephen Krashen

Fundamentals of literacy development

“We acquire both language (first and second) and literacy when we understand what we hear and read, and this happens best when what we hear and what we read is very very interesting, or "compelling”. This happens when children (and older folks) hear interesting stories, when they get "lost" in good books, and when they read to become informed about topics about which they are very interested.

This principle, we suggest, underlies successful literacy programs of all kinds. “

 This one day workshop explores Krashen’s latest research into the fundamentals of literacy development.

9:00am        Registration  Kings Library Foyer

9:30am        Compelling Comprehensible Input Auditorium

We acquire language when we understand what we hear or read, but acquisition happens best when the input is highly interesting, or compelling. When input is compelling, all anxiety disappears, and there is no need for "motivation": Language acquisition and literacy development occur without the acquirer realizing it.

10:30am      Morning Tea

11 am         The development of academic language

There are three stages in the development of the highest level of literacy, sometimes called "academic" literacy: (1) Hearing stories, (2) self-selected recreational reading, and (3) specialized reading in an area of deep personal interest.

12pm          Lunch

1pm            The purpose of education, the impact of poverty, and the spectacular case for libraries

As we mature, we find our unique talents and interests, develop them, and discover how to use them to help others. Among the ways school can help in this process is to encourage free voluntary reading, an extremely pleasant activity. This cannot happen, however, without access to books and other reading material. Unfortunately, children of poverty have little access to books: Often, their only source of books is the library. Fortunately, the research confirms that better libraries are related to higher levels of literacy, and some evidence suggests that libraries can offset the effects of poverty on reading achievement.

 2:30 pm       Panel discussion

3pm            Finish


When: Wed, 21 October 2015 from 8:30am to 3:30pm

Where: The King's School, 87-129 Pennant Hills Rd, NSW, 2151, Australia

Type: Conference

Contact: Michelle Jensen

Phone: 0409563736

Mobile: 0409563736

Email: Michelle Jensen